Caribbean Style..ya got meh?

Not the greatest picture, but definitely one of the greatest meals I've ever ingested.

The center of the plate contains a spiny lobster tail and shrimps caught daily from the Caribbean ocean, topped with a freakishly good straight-from-the-womb-fresh coconut sauce.

The fish is served with my new favorite tropical food - fried breadfruit which is a fruit found growing on trees throughout the lush isle. Tastes like a mix between a more flavorful potato and yucca root, and fries up real crispy and clean. Coconut rice and a tomato, cucumber and onion salad rounded out the plate.

I can't remember a brighter tasting meal in recent memory. Seafood on the beach is always a winner. Cost about $16 at Grace's place, which also rents beach huts for $5.50 a night!

One of the endless amount of fresh coconuts found all over the island. Bite into 'em raw or make delicious milk from their shredded flesh.

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