Coping without the Canon..

So I haven't been around for a bit. No excuses, just enjoying myself over here in Ho Chi Minh. Oh yeah, my camera was also stolen- or lost. One of the two. Anyways globaleats will be on a temporary hold, but keep that stomach empty 'cause a fresh batch of posts awaits once a new diggie is purchased. Could take a couple months of bargaining, though. Oh, well..

In the mean time, witness bò bía ngọt.
Shredded-to-order coconut straight from Bến Tre is placed atop sugarcane sticks and wrapped inside a delicate rice paper roll.

A shake of black sesame seeds finishes off this street snack, which is practically omnipresent in my neighborhood of Chợ Lớn, HCMC. Crispy, sweet and light. The Perfect bite-size dessert after a steaming bowl of Hủ Tiếu.

Editor's Note:

Don't look for this treat in a restaurant or even a stand-still street stall. Bò bía ngọt
is strictly a mobile snack available only from the back seat of a bicycle. Chase one down and order up.

2.000 VND a piece (12 cents).

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