Get Wet


My latest craving: The sweet and slippery noodles known as Banh Uot.

Finding a Bánh ướt hawker is probably the hardest part of the process. This first reason is these lil' wet cakes (Bánh ướt = 'wet cake') are usually sold from mobile push-carts, meaning no fixed location. Also, this is generally a breakfast meal and I don't do mornings so well.

Order some ướt and you'll get fresh 'n chewy flat rice noodle sheets topped with tons of goodies. You've got steamed pork paste (chả lụa), sour sausage (nem chua) and fried bread as substance. Basil, cucumber and bean spouts give color and crunch. Why wet? You've got a sweet, salty and sour fish sauce blend which is poured on top before crispy fried shallots complete the creation.

7.000 - 10.000 VND a plate on Cách mạng tháng Tám street in the mornings.

Now you've got a reason to set that alarm.

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Mike Corsini said...

The KID is getting prolific with his posts.


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