Eastern Steak 'n Eggs

Inspired by my dining experience of Sisig a couple weeks ago in the Philippines, I decided to get sizzling again with another unctuous hot-plate dish.

Witness BÒ NÉ. 'Namese style comfort food. Alright it doesn't compare to a buttery corn-fed ribeye or grilled skirt steak, you have to appreciate the effort. Not an original but rather an adaptation of a western dish that somehow made its way on to communist soil.

Steak's a bit chewy, but again we aren't eating Wagyu here. The egg gets nice and crispy street on the underside and a slice of pate brings the fat content level up to rice-whisky hangover curing levels. Served with a loaf of bread [ Bánh mì ] and 3 (count em) french fries.

25.000 a plate on Cách mạng tháng tám

Stay Global.

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Ravenous Couple said...

we used to eat this for breakfast there as well..great after a night out. While you're still in VN, try out be thui..roasted veal...the restaurants will have a whole young calf on a rotissarie!


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