Khot in the act

Here's a lesser known deep fried mini-pancake that hails from the southern beach town of Vũng Tàu. I stumbled upon this shop that happens to crank out these crispy disks of lovin' all day long. I came. I saw. I grubbed.

Dining materials. A (large?) basket of vegetation like salad, mint and basil which comes in handy later. Grandma said eat your greens, but this time it won't be so painful.

Each plate is filled with 8 or so rice flour based Bánh khọt. A small shrimp or two tops each cake along with a spoonful of sauteed green onions. The orange dandruff-like substance is pulverized dried shrimp.

Close up shot of the cakes immediately before ingestion. Crispy on the edges and pillowy on the inside- def. worth the 20.000 VND price tag.

Ah yes, you knew the greenery would come back into play. I like to wrap my Bánh khọt up with basil, a couple lettuce leaves and top with some shredded papaya. Then I dip it in their secret steaming hot shrimp broth.

Get khọt up in the hype, on Đồng Nai street in District 10 from the afternoons onward into the night.

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Judy Lee said...


Mom-Friday said...

that rice-shrimp stuff sure made my mouth water! I love shrimps! send me some now!:)

Ravenous Couple said...

nice play on words!! banh khot is one of our favorites and definitely meant for wrapping in lettuce and herbs

Rock Portrait Photography said...

These were delicious. I ate them in Vung Tau only last night. Quite probably the same place, and thanks for letting me know what to do with the leaves and shredded white stuff. ;-)
I quite enjoyed the cakes on their own.

I also have to say their oysters, whilst three times the size of Tassie Rock Oysters, were actually quite delicious.

Thanks for putting me onto your blog. I look forward to discovering new locations and delicacies via your reports.


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