'Wan. Bring ur napkins.

The kid is back from Taiwan. Time to discuss the grubness that ensued. How can you accurately describe and speak of that which is Taiwanese food? I surely can't. Which dishes are aboriginal? What's Chinese, what isn't? Feels like everything in Asia emerged from China. I won't lose any more sleep over that, but what I'll do is follow my guide and eat what the Taiwanese are eating- day in and OUt. Shall we dance?

Tasty little number here called [ 鍋貼 ] guotie. Sort of like a mix between a potstick and gyoza. Griddle fried until brown and crispy. Stuff it with veggies or pork..

..Then dip in Vil™-made concoction of garlic chili and soy.

[ 蔥油餅 ] Cong you bing. Green onion pancake with roots from China. A real popular snack in Chinese restaurants all over the globe. This bing was a bit on the salty side, but I like the concept. This island has griddle fried runnin' through it's veins.

Cong you bing's younger cousin, [ 煎餅 ], dan bing. Cuz is young but street smart, with experience in Bejing and Hong Kong before touring Taipei and beyond. Another griddle fried creation, dan bing combines a fried egg with a thin crepe. Roll it up, slice and drizzle with oyster sauce. Great for a hangover, I think.

[ 鴨飯 ] A little hole in the wall my boy Sheeze took me to. Specialized in Chinese style roast meats like chicken, duck and pork. Served up with an interested blend of dried anchovies, bamboo shoots, lightly pickled mini-cucumbers and green onions. This one'll fill you up for coins. Global stamp of approval as well.

Ducks awaiting their charred-fate.

[ 大腸包小腸 ] This is called 'small sausage wrapped in big sausage'. The inside sausage is a sweetened ground pork mixture and the surrounding 'sausage' is actually grilled sticky rice. They know how to utilize that leftover rice, no doubt.

Kid could hand pull noodles like way. Feel that dough's pain.

[ 台湾牛肉麵 ] Beef noodle soup. Could arguably be crowned the national dish of Taiwan. This spot served up a huuuuuge bowl of thick 'n chewy noodles with a mix of thinly sliced beef and lovingly braised cubes. Like a supercharged Phở without the veggies, add extra cow. I'd grub again.

Stay seated for part deux, when I explore the night-market scene of Taipei. They'll be oysters, ass and stinkiness. Not in that order.

Stay greasy.


Mike Corsini said...

Solid recap, B! Looking forward to part deux. Minor correction: In Taiwan, it's called "dan bing." "Jian bing" is a mainland China term. Long-winded explanation here: http://www.chow.com/profile/61443/activity

Errin said...

Makes me want to leave my dest and get on the next plane outta here. MMMM

Sippity Sup said...

what an exciting food post. Can't wait for more. GREG

gaga said...

I'm a sucker for taiwanese food. Everything is making my mouth water!


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