When in doubt, wing it..

Another one of those super popular 'quán ăn' dishes that goes great with beer. In the States, chicken wings are damn near mandatory when watching football. In Việt Nam, they don't watch American football, but the boys will drown you in beer if you ask kindly. This one's called 'cánh gà chiên nước mắm', or fried chicken wings with fish sauce. You can find this dish at most all casual restaurants where liquor is served, but today I'm grubbin' the version whipped up by the cook at my work. She's got it down.

First, chicken wings are marinated in fish sauce for that salty flav, then fried until a bit crisp. After removing the wings from a the oil, a sauce is made from sugar, fish sauce, black pepper and crispy fried garlic. Toss the fried wings back in the pan and cook until the caramelized sauce glazes those wings with sticky/salty ecstasy.

A different flavor sensation than your usual American style barbecue wings but go ahead and sample. Sunday's will never be the same.

Stay impromptu.

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Mom-Friday said...

Great timing! Just bought some wings so I will try this very soon! hope i can 'wing it' too... i will link back to you when i post it :)


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