Get all Mexi Bout It

One of the majorly advantageous things about that California lifestyle is no doubt the ample supple of Taco Trucks perched on the curb. Hammered, come 3 a.m., it's definitely one of the things you're hunting for. I'd go ahead and call Tacos the State dish of California, yeah. I CHALLENGE you to find ANY friend of yours that dislikes a proper corn tortilla wrap stuffed with spicy salsa, cilantro and marinated grilled muscle fiber.

Here's one in Vallejo, chillin' on the famed Sonoma Blvd at the corner of Ohio St. It happens to be one of my favorite trucks in the bay area. You can keep your overrated S.F. Mission Mexican, I'm taking HWY 37 to V-Town.

Stroll on up and make your order.

Pastor, Carnitas and Tripas. The holy trinity.

Best Al Pastor this side of Guadelajara with a char that'll make George Hamilton jealous. Salsa, onions and cilantro- with a side of lime of course. You know the drill.

And as an added bonus for Vallejo-bound Taco fiends; approachable, elegantly-clad local ladies to chat with. Too bad they charge for any extra services.

Proper Mexican food is ridiculously tasty, yet so many regions of the world supremely F it up. Mildly frustrating, tis simply another reason to look forward to that golden state return visit.

B.T.W. For the best tacos this side of ANYWHERE, hit up Tacos El Yaqui, Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Shhh.

Stay South of the Border.

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