With love from Khanh Hoa..

Sampling South-Central Việt Nam's Finest in the Province of Khánh Hòa. Don't expect less ya'll. This region is blessed with sleepy beaches, a cooler climate than the south, and straight off the boat fish and squid that smack you in the buds with freshness.

Vendor dishing up the savory steamed snack: 'banh nam'.

'Xôi cá'. Sticky rice with simmered anchovies. They call it breakfast. 5.000 VND

Tôm hùm nướng - Grilled lobster from Nha Trang. 900.000 VND [$48.50] per kilo [market price- restaurants charge $80/kg or more]. Hurts the wallet a touch but it's lobster, folks- if you want it you pay for it.

Wouldn't be a complete night in Việt Nam without shells. Yea it's a boat load. Ate about 50. Ask for your choice 'nướng mỡ hành' [grilled with green onions- foreground] and you'll go home happy.

'Gỏi cá'. Specialty of Cam Ranh. Raw fish slices tossed with lime, sugar, fried shallots and plenty of herbs. Wrap it up with cucumber and lettuce in a fresh rice paper roll then dip in the spicy peanut sauce made from fish stock. So 'namese about it.

Frying up 'Chả cá'- fish flesh mashed together with rice flour, black pepper and M.S.G. That oil's fresh, right? Sure! Eat Chả cá with soup or slap it in a banh mi!

Typical nhậu scene. Dipping sauce and icy brews.

Look out for this spot in 10 years. Quiet beaches aplenty - but that will change. Remember the name: Cam Ranh Bay.

Stay Bụi Đời.


Michelle said...

Awesome!! I'm going to VN this summer again so hopefully I'll get to try some of this delicious stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that I have found your blog - I'm going to Vietnam in one year. Looks just amazing, heaven on earth :)

Vi said...

Stumbled on your website and found myself back in Vietnam! I have a weak spot for anything Khanh Hoa Nha Trang as its my hometown! That picture of xoi ca looks just perfect and the one of Cam Ranh Bay brings back so much memories! "Look out" were my exact thoughts as well when I was there two years ago. Oh to be bui doi in VN!

Ravenous Couple said...

anchovies and xoi! now that's a new one for us!


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