Stuff me, Fry me.

Looks like something out of the high times recipe section but I assure this is also an actual snack in Việt Nam. I'm a big fan of chewy rice buns, but I'm not too keen on the Vietnamese style filled with quail eggs and a nearly grotesque amount of ground pork. Too much pig.

Note the grease stains on the paper bag. That's no accident. Bánh bao chiên was born to please, and it's not worried about your waistline.

Rip it open and find something different from your usual Vietnamese 'Bánh bao'. This little oil-dipped bun's stuffed with shredded chicken, pork and mushrooms- with a palatable proportion of each. The dough is softy and plush on the inside and just a bit crisp on the outside with a golden tan that approaches Valentino Garavani status. Look for them at the big fry shop on Nguyễn Trãi street in D1, near Trần Đình Xu. 20.000 VND.

Ngon ghê nhưng bây giờ là Bánh bao này mắc hơn năm trước. Hai chục một cái? Giá giống như bên Mỹ!

Stay Stuffed.


Ravenous Couple said...

this is actually a new one on us! banh it ram is glutinous rice fried...really nice texture.

FlavorBoulevard said...

First time I see this! But 20000? That's just too much for a banh bao!

Peter Nacken said...

Hey there, what a mean food porn blog ... getting hungry!!!!

I am currently researching more about Vietnam / Hanoi because there might be a chance we might end up there ... and one of my main concerns is always the INTERNET connection (I read some article about censorship, but does that affect the expat life? How do you get to watch your US TV shows?) I lived 3 years in Fiji, so it can't be worse than that ... but I have never had to deal with censorship ... is i.e. youtube blocked?

Would love to hear from a fellow food lover ... hop on my blog (after many kid related posts you will also find some Italian food porn) and you can leave a comment there. Cheers

That's Ron said...



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Carolyn Jung said...

How big are those buns? Are they like the size of your palm? Man, with that delectable stuffing, I could be quite happy to make a meal of one. I'll have to see if any of our local Viet delis/bakeries in San Jose, CA make these.

A. Rizzi said...

They're pretty beefy, bigger than the palm of my hand. Might be a tough find but you can always deep fry a bun yourself- just don't throw it in tepid oil like some of the venders do here. grease city.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and I am sooo HAPPY! Thank you!!! You are giving me a piece of my home while I'm away. :)

LeLe said...

what?! a deep fried banh bao? This the first time i've seen such and it looks really good!

Tammy said...

That's a way lot of filling, and it shouldn't be quite that greasy, but done right, these guys hit the spot! I know a place on a street corner in Hue...


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