30 tháng 4

{ Phan Thiết }

35 years after the Fall of Saigon, I'm rather ironically celebrating the 'National Holiday' in the southern coastal getaway town of Phan Thiết for sun, shells and brews. First-rate merrymaking as always.

Grilling up Sò điệp (Scallops).

Packed nightly with snail lovers.

Răng mực = Squid Teeth. Anyone know the actual part of the squid I was eating since I'm rather certain they don't have teeth?!? Either way, whatever little morsels I was grubbing on were tasty- especially the batter fried buns (chiên bột).

Dunk that Miền Trung style (Central Việt Nam) squid/pork/shrimp stuffed Bánh xèo into a bath of sweet fish sauce with fresh greens. It don't get no beTTuh.

Mì Quảng = Phan Thiết genre. A bit wetter than the noodles found in Đà Nẵng. This joint mixed both egg and rice noodles for a tantalizing sensory overload. Oh yeah- that's a swine leg [giò heo] sitting on top and it's damn toothpick tender.

Brews = Compulsory. Ice = Vital.

The daily grind. But for how long? All actions have consequences.

Stay Aware.


Anonymous said...

Look like you had a lots of good foods in Than Thiet :) Thank for posting, i really enjoying reading your blog!

Alisa@Foodista said...

Great photos! The food looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, you're making me salivate!

Mai@FlavorBoulevard said...

can the "rang muc" possibly be the tentacles?

A. Rizzi said...

Actually found out it's the squid mouth. Now I can rest in peace.


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