Yah De Yah

While Vietnam doesn't play ball in the same league as neighboring Thailand, Malaysia or India when it comes to creativity and selection of curries, they still bat a respectable .270 and display the ability to come through with the clutch sacrifice squeeze. Tonight I was just looking to move the runners so in stepped pinch hitter Cà Ri Dê (Goat Curry).

Here's a well known spot [ Cà ri dê Musa ] couple fellow food enthusiast Vietnamese teachers introduced me to down in district 5 in an alley off Sư Vạn Hạnh near Hùng Vương. The menu is large but make no mistake, peeps flock for the GoAt.

This back alley joint gets continually more jam-packed with hungry Vietnamese of all kinds as the stew cooks deeper into the night- resulting in even softer goat muscles fibers.

A bowl of juicy and super tender goat served straight up without the usual veggies and herbs. Meat-Sauce-Mouth. Dunk some bread in that spiced up stew and expedite the digestive process with an icy one.

Now you got a bit of in you. Ladies, watch out.

Stay Billy.


Mai@FlavorBoulevard said...

I'm really curious, where did you learn your Vietnamese?

A. Rizzi said...

Bạn học trên đường, với bạn Việt của mình. Phong cách địa phương! Bạn thích học từ tiếng lóng. Vui lắm!

I just sort of picked it up and learned from a variety of folks over my time here.

Mai@FlavorBoulevard said...

Wow! Very impressive! How long have you been there? You might as well write a blog in Vietnamese! :-D
Great job!

Border Jumpers said...

just a note to say i really enjoy your photography. thanks for another interesting post!

A. Rizzi said...

haha thanks Mai, but maybe not quite. I've been here for 2 years..lau roi.


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