Sun Gauds

So in China our visa went a little something like this. Over the duration of 6 months we were permitted to meander around China (sans Tibet) for two 30-day intervals, but needed to exit the country after our first 30 days ran up. After 29 beach-less and mostly drizzly days we opted for a flight down south to the peninsula for some sun and suds, Thai-style. We touched down into Kuala Lumpur, and relaxed for a bit in the Malaysian Megatropolis of multiple ethnicities. Actually we knocked 'em back..but I wouldn’t recommend to much boozing because alcohol prices are damn pricy. Even in 7-11 the cheapest can of beer is about 2 fiddy. In bars expect to pay at least [U.S.] $7.

The rice plate; a symbol of sustenance, consistency and freedom of expression throughout Asia. Around noontime on the eastern end of the world, literally billions of people will extend their fingers and point to the dish of their liking and process to shovel scary amount of steamed rice down the hatch. In Vietnam it might be paired with coconut juice simmered pork, in Indonesia maybe with some Tempeh and fried egg, off in the Philippines they'll opt for chicken legs stewed with bay leaves and vinegar.

Down in Malaysia they have a bunch of spots where you just spoon whatever you desire on your plate and they’ll charge you accordingly. It's fittingly called Nasi Campur (mixed rice). Beef cooked with lemongrass and coconut milk, Chinese cabbage, roasted pork, ikan bilis (anchovies). The predominant flavor is sweet, which was a stark contrast to the salty and sour flavor of Sichuan. H.E.A.T. is still on tap, though. Where in Sichuan it’s a slow methodical burning and numbing, down on the peninsula the sambal (chili paste) is fast-acting and blunt with its intensity. My first nasi lemak breakfast of the trip had me hiccup-ping with glee.

Stay Equatorial.

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