HoodScene (Chinatown)

San Francisco is famous for it's plethora of pint-sized neighborhoods with big time character. For HoodScene I'll be exploring these 'hoods one by one and highlighting a local dish or neighborhood joint that I feel represents what global has always been about.  Flavor over hype. Substance over shtick. Old School over Ostentatious. Let's start in Chinatown on Stockton Street, particularly the area from California north to Broadway. While Grant street sees most of the tourists, Stockton is the undisputed main artery of Chinatown. Locals flood the sidewalks every morning jostling for bok choy, chestnuts and dried scallops. It's a lil' grimy, a bit overwhelming, but after cleaning the soot off your sneakers and regaining composure you can reward yourself with tasty treats for prices so low you'll swear you're still in Chongqing.

One of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the nation. It's a struggle at times.

Fruits and veggies for about half of what you'd pay in other places. Bring your elbow pads.

I told you it's cheap.

Sitting at 1041 Stockton street is New Golden Daisy. A little shop serving up an assortment of noodles, Cantonese-style roasted meats, and most notably- crispy chicken WANGS.

These aren't your typical jumbo, glistening sports bar wings doused in B.B.Q. sauce with a side of ranch. Naw. We're going Asian style with a subtle ginger marination and crisp cornstarch coating. Emphasis on crisp cause many spots won't fry the long wings enough to eradicate F.S.S. (Floppy Skin Syndrome). New Golden Daisy does. Many folks might be turned off by the lukewarm temperature at which these wings are held. Sure, the sanitary conditions might not be top notch in this part of town but you'll be scarfing them down quick enough to avoid any intestinal issues. That really doesn't make much sense but just have a go and try these wings. At around $3.50/lb you'll have money left over for a bottle or two of Maalox.

Stay Nostalgic.

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