đậu hủ


C'mon, lie and tell me you weren't just a little bit let down after reading the first line. Tofu Kebabs or grilled rib-eye? Hmm. Yeah, I know. Tofu is usually about as exciting as ..eating tofu. Don't despair, the Vietnamese street side preparation of đậu hủ will turn you vegetarian..for a meal at least.

đậu hủ can usually be found around lunch time (11 - 3) on the sidewalks of various streets throughout the city. Look out for a big metal pot on one end and several small, ceramic bowls on the other end of her bamboo constructed balancing act.

Your first glance into the pot won't impress. Watery tofu? Okay. I'll take one, I guess.

The other side is where the magic happens. Steaming hot, caramelized, ginger-infused syrup is ladeled over your bowl of tofu along with a gelatinous scoop of coconut cream.

The combination really plays well together. The ginger-syrup provides a sweetness kick to flavor the otherwise bland-ish bean curd. The best part of this meal is the satin-like experience your tongue is treated to upon inserting a spoonfull into your mouth. It slips, it slids. Before you realize, it's down the hatch.

Get your daily progesterone dose for 2.000 VND a bowl (my neighborhood) or 3.000 VND (downtown).

Stay GLobaL.

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