Craving Some Quang

I've been grubbing this Mì Quảng (my favorite in Ho Chi) in an alley near the corner of Cách mạng tháng Tám and Rạch Bùng Binh street since last July but for some reason have just now come out publicly with some long overdue globaleats praise. Purely magic in a bowl.

These noodles are a specialty of the Quảng Nam province. ( = noodle, so noodles from Quảng Nam). Fittingly, my Mì Quảng lady hails from this province, so she sticks to her Central Vietnamese specialty even though she migrated south to Sai Gon. I've seen shrimp and even chicken versions of this dish- but pork will do just fine.

This is a pork based noodle soup with dried shrimp for added flav- but that's just the beginning of the story. The countless contrasting elements of this soup spell out it's sheer beauty. Along with noodles your 'buds are treated to sliced pork, green and white onion, peanuts, Bánh tráng (black sesame rice cracker- call it the Nam crouton) and even an ultra-tender pork rib!

Moving on to the greenery, which takes this bowl to levels of ecstasy not experienced since the '67 summer of love. Grab handfuls of shredded rau muong and banana flower, along with bean sprouts and basil. Toss 'em in your Quảng and let the gentle broth slightly soften them. Each spoonful is an individual interpretation of central coast countryside cracker-barrel living.

'Thương nhau múc bát chè xanh Làm tô mì Quảng anh xơi cho cùng'

-Vietnamese quote about a girl who expresses her feelings of love for her man through a glass of green tea and a expertly prepared bowl of Mì Quảng.

That's love. Well done. 15.000 VND per.

UPDATE* {2o1o} - This spot has gone downhill in a major way! Head over to Đồng Nai street in District 10 and eat at Mì Quảng Hội An. It's across from the Nguyễn Tri Phương swimming pool and open all day.

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