Muc Meets Mouth

Saying street food is plentiful in Vietnam is at the very least a horrific understatement- and seafood is about as prevalent as a Honda Supercub- but still it's not to often you run across a Mực tươi Nướng peddler. I did. She's grilling (Nướng) up fresh (tươi) squid (Mực) right on the side of Cách mạng tháng Tám street in Tân Bình district in the evenings.

20.000 VND for the smaller size or big momma "Mực" for 30.000 VND (less than 2 bucks).

Coated with your familiar South-East Asian blend of lemongrass, chili. Grilled over coals. I ain't lying.

Fan that grill, child. I just wanted a little CHAR on it.

Looks a bit like octopus, but either way good eatin'.

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