Grill my Goat

Here's the quán ăn o' the night, dishin' out dê nướng (grilled goat). You're provided a plate of thin, raw goat meat slices to throw on a screaming hot cast iron plate- heated by red hot lump hardwood. Some restaurants will provide a grill grate for classic 'grilling', while others go with the iron plate- making it more of 'pan seared' goat than grilled, I guess. A plate of sliced okra is also provided.

You're bound to get some tough and nasty bits (we are in the tropics) but the flavor is usually robust enough to keep you coming back. Dip the cooked goat in the provided chili sauce and wash the whole get-go down with the obligatory Bia Sài Gòn đỏ. That's a classic evening on the pavement as far as Vietnamese are concerned.

Look for quán ăn dê nướng restaurants all around Ho Chi Minh (outside of District one), most of these restaurants usually serves Lẩu dê (goat hot pot) as well, but this kid's always had a special place in his heart for all things charred.

Stay Crispy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dê nướng is reall good stuff. Where is this quán ăn place?
Photo looks great with the new cam btw.
keep up with the good work!



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