Ca Binh Dan

At lunchtime all across the city you'll see glass carts like this with selection of fish and meat to eat along with your plate of rice. The eating style is called cơm bình dân , or 'commoners rice' as it roughly translates. Rice for the working class. You're usually looking at a selection including: pork-stuffed tofu in a tomato sauce, fried chicken, omelets, tuna, fried mackerel, pork stewed in coconut juice..get the idea. Just pick your passion and take a seat.

Get there promptly at noon or you're looking at an empty stomach until the dinner stalls set up 'round 4 p.m.

Yeah lookie here. The ubiquitous Vietnamese 'catfish' they call Cá ba sa, this time served kho style. A real moist fish, the fat melts right into the simmering sauce of carmelized sugar and nuoc mam, with green onions and chili to provide some piquant.

Grub it with rice. Grub it with pride.

Stay Common.


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