Only the Vietnamese...

..would keep bottles of Bordeaux on ice..

..and then continually challenge you to pound your entire goblet in one go.

"Một trăm!Một trăm!"

My thoughts: A passive aggressive way of mocking the French's snooty attitudes toward wine culture. Seeing as this occurred on Vietnamese National Day, [September 2nd 1945 was when Vietnam became independent from French rule] it all makes sense!

Or it's just the Vietnamese being Vietnamese. You gotta love that as well.

Stay oN icE.


Rock Portrait Photography said...

I think simply finding some decent wine (read Australian, not French) would be a godsend. I'd take it on ice if I had to, but I'm more interested in how well it was cellared up until the moment it arrives on my table.

Got any tips for finding good wine drinking locations in HCMC?

A. Rizzi said...

I'm not a big wine buff, but if you're looking for wine NOT made from rice than it's most likely gonna be in D1. Cepage is known for their big wine selection. Qing bar on Pasteur is small but has some asian tapas as well. Try Pacharan for Spanish wine. The nam wine game is on the up, head to some wine shops like VINO and ask away.


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