The Quick Snail

Here's a simple 'n dirty lil' stir-fried seafood dish- ốc len xào dừa. Sea snails cooked with a coconut milk sauce and topped off with libido killer rau răm. Chase with libido enhancer Sài Gòn beer. Perfect match.

Shells so perdy you almost wanna get all fairfax and make yourself a string necklace.

Stay Oceanic.


Mom-Friday said...

i miss this dish! we call this "Ginataang Kuhol" or snails in coconut sauce :) , but the snails here more smooth and round, and dark brown in color like the French 'escargot'...but i guess they still taste the same

reima said...

Yeah, I'd like to try this one out NOW. My mouth is watering. I LOVE snail!


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