Seoul; Faint of Liver Needn't Apply (Part 2): Put it in a pot and sip it.

Continuing forward with more...South Korean grub.

김치찌개 - [ Kimchi Chigae ]. Pure comfort if you ask me. A spicy lil' number of kimchi and pork in the ubiquitous black pot that 'stay's hot for hours' according to the self-proclaimed 'King of Itaewon'. True, it's always bubbling for a few minutes at your table. This is a nice winter soup to warm the ears and toes, probably wouldn't be as satisfying in 92º Saigon winters but I like what it brings to the table in colder climates.

치킨 - [ Chikin ]. You know every country has it. Korean-style fried chicken is actually getting popular in the States, look out for it. I hear the secret lies in the fry-rest-fry technique. Shh.

보신탕 - [ Bosintang ]. This was a real special bowl. Spicy broth with tender greens and shredded dog meat. It had a questionable aroma to it. Consume with a bare minimum of 5 bottles of Soju to help drown the impending guilt...which none of us remember feeling.

비빔밥 - [ Bibimbop ]. This is as simple as it gets. Bibimbop translates to 'mixed rice' and every Asian country seems to have one of these poor man's plates. Just mixed, shredded veggies [ carrots, zucchini, bean sprouts, cucumber, mushroom etc. ] with an over-easy egg slapped on top. Intermingle ingredients with chopsticks and add however much chili your lower GI tract can handle. The host proclaimed this the epitome of Korea's vast array of 'peasant food', a phrase he reiterated each and every night in between Jaegar bombs. He means that with the utmost respect, b.t.w. Korea was a dirt poor country up until recent years so the citizens learned to use what they had on hand. Somehow those rustic meals that were originally created just to get by always turn out damn delectable. Love that.

순대 - [ Sundae ]. Sort of like boiled sausage. No, actually that's what it was. This variety was stuffed with glutinous rice, wrapped in a pig intestines casing. It's on the street if you need it. Just holla.

감자탕 - [ Gamjatang ]. Another warmer-upper to get you through those nippy winters. Massive pork bones with bits of ridiculously tender meat clinging on for dear life swim around with potatoes and a mix of veggies in this spicy 'peasant' pot of love.

They really make you work for that meat. I was too hungover to put in much effort.

만두 - [ Mandoo ]. When it's late, and the digestive organs howl for a bit of satisfaction, stop by one of the endless street stalls and poke around. Mandoo will be there, patiently waiting for your attention. It's a steamed dumpling if you didn't notice. Give it your love, son.

Full yet? Leave some room for part market fantasies.

Stay resourceful.


Ravenous Couple said...

looks like you're sampling all the best of Korea..those wings look great!

Megan said...

Oh no you di'int eat dog meat. Tell me it isn't so!?!?!!

Anonymous said...

I hope they treat the dogs better in Korea than in Vietnm before they eat them.
I mean, to kidnap them from the street cant be the best way to get some meat on the table!!!
So how did it taste?
replace the pork for some dog?



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