Seoul; Faint of Liver Needn't Apply (Part 3): Fish Market Fantasies

Third and final post on recapping South Korea. This one's a quickie. For my last night the host took me to the famed Noryangjin fish market. This baby is massive. 710,000 sq feet to be exact. Wholesale auctions for restaurants, along with an endless line of hawkers ready to sell you anything from the ocean. After the purchase, bring it upstairs to a restaurant and they'll turn that flounder into a respectable meal. Pass the Soju.

Tunnel on the way to the market...

..youngin' bargaining for an agreeable price..

..oh you better believe we got some head that night..

..I told's ENDLESS. Didn't even attempt to make the full stroll..

..selection of raw fish and oysters. I'm pretty sure we got ripped big time on our purchase and meal. Global Tip: Bring a local or someone who speaks more than 30 words of Korean with you for bartering power. No worries.

[ 회 ] - Hoe. Minutes before a carefree fish flapping around in his tank, now a beautiful, sliced arrangement ready for soy and wasabi. The bones and head of this fish are used in a spicy stew called Maeuntang [매운탕 ].

[ 산낙지 ] - Sannakji. Live octopus seasoned with sesame oil. Make sure to give it a good chew after dipping in Ssamjang. World B. Smush with the narration and impeccable pronunciation.

..this kid had some fight left in 'im.

That's all I got for the stimulating southern peninsula of Korea. I ate some pretty good grub and some really tasty dishes, but I feel like there's clearly so much more I missed out on. This is a case where I have a sense the cuisine of the country is substantially better than what I sampled. Sure you can say that for almost any short trip you take to a new land, but you can smell it in the air here. The food culture of Korea is straight cracking. People love to snack it up, so there's no doubt unbelievable food is on offer - 24 hours a night. Cause you know it don't stop.

Again, much love and thanks to host B. 'smush' Baird for hosting and filling shot glasses whenever needed. Globaly appreciated.

Stay aquatic..


Megan said...

Looks like a food safety nightmare. CNS would never approve.

Nick said...

"..oh you better believe we got some head that night.."


love open seafood markets. Looks and smells just like the way asia should be...


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