87º Winter

Sweltering February afternoons got you sluggish? Cool off with a ice-cold glass of rau má - blended Asiatic Pennywort leaves with a touch of sugar. The plant does just about everything good for the body.

Read more about it on here where it recently was crowned wellsphere.com 'Herb of the Week'. The next ginseng?

Still doubting the magic?

I swear I don't work off commission, but it's refreshing as well. Look out for it- When.In.The.Tropics.

Stay Therapeutic.


Carolyn Jung said...

It does a body good, hey? But what I want to know is: How does it taste? ;)

A. Rizzi said...

hmm..a bit earthy? like a sweetened spinach smoothie. With a touch of wheatgrass. Sans bitterness.

You'll just have to sample.


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