ăn cắp !!!

Looks like you gotta be a touch more attentive on seemingly deserted beaches. Unscrupulous Vietnamese may be hiding in the bush, waiting to prey on an unprotected Ba lô (backpack). Luckily for them it was stuffed with more goodies than a piñata, including my newly acquired Canon SLR, lens and a good few hundred snaps from the hauntingly beautiful South-Central coast.

Where does globaleats go from here? Rumors have been circulating around about a possible halting of production. These rumors are 100% fictional. Rest assured you can continue to vicariously indulge in the best the globe has to offer.

For now, the Canon power shot will step in like Kurt Warner [ circa. 1999 ] and do it's best to perform. It's patiently been waiting for it's chance to step up and shine, and I figure any downgrade in pixel count will have to be counteracted with a step-up in gustatory story telling. After all, here at globaleats we've always been about a complete sensory experience. You can't just see the food, you have to be the food.

Anyways, this extremely unfortunate event does not sour my view on Vietnamese people. Every country has its good and bad. I was unlucky, but I venture onward- always in search of the true definition of global.

Stay Buoyant.

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Ravenous Couple said...

awww...that's so horrible!!! can imagine it being the worst feeling in the world to find out you're missing the SLR and the memories with it... you've got a great attitude and i'm sure you'll bounce back from this!


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