Head North Youngin', Head North.

This kid's packing up and heading out.

Global™ Journey from the southern megalopolis of Hồ Chí Minh up to Hà Nội, the capitol city.

Is it doable? Check the mode of transport yo.

1981 Honda SuperCub50. SOHC 49cc 4-Stroke air cooled engine. 3.9 HP [@7,000 RPM]. Fuel Capacity: 1.1 Gallon. Top Speed: ~42 mph. Loves doubters.

Like most of the peeps residing within, Việt Nam is quite the slender one [just 31 miles wide at her skinniest]. The lanky, sprawling geographical layout along with the sluggish traveling speeds via the national highway creates a misleading illusion as to the actual size of this country.

For example, a trip to the southern beach destination Nha Trang takes a good 9 hours via bus [& infinitely longer via Cub]- yet it's only around 500 km [310 miles] from Sài Gòn, and barely more than 1/4 of the way up to Hà Nội. In terms of land mass, Việt Nam isn't even 80% of the size of California, yet packs in 87 million folks. You thought the west coast was crowded.

The good news [for road-trippers] is that most people are crammed into the big cities; hundreds of thousands flock to Hồ Chí Minh from the countryside looking for work. Ask the cute yet cunning 19-year old waitress {Cần Thơ, Bến Tre...95% Gái Miền Tây} or hardworking motorbike repairman [Quảng Ngãi] about their hometowns and you'll understand. Head outside the cement cluster and there's plenty of room to breath. My trip should be about 1,955 Km [1,214 Mi]..before detours. Click for an enlarged version of the detailed itinerary.

Of course I'll be taste-testing a potpourri of provincial specialties during the non-religious pilgrimage, so keep on the lookout for upcoming global posts dissecting those very dishes. 'Nuff said for now, time to hit the quốc lộ. Saddle up.

Stay Mobile.


Mike Corsini said...

I would most definitely grub.

Bryan said...

I'd raw....

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read about the places that you discover along the way. So what happens when you finally reach the capitol? What part of the world will your posts be coming from next?

American Vietnamese said...

The trip sounds fun. I stay in Saigon and I've been thinking about taking the trip myself by motorbike. I couldn't find the detailed itinerary you talked about- what are your estimated travel times? Good luck on the cub! Those bikes are real workhorses. Cheers

Old said...

I have faith in the Super Cub!

Mel said...

Your butt is gonna hurt. Bad.

Jazmin said...

Have lots of fun and be safe! :)

A. Rizzi said...

@ Mike: Meet you in 'gols.

@ Bryan: Yes, you would.

@ Anonymous: You'll just have to wait it out and see..

@ American Vietnamese: Ha just kidding about the itinerary..just gonna go with it. Cub's a beast.

@ Old: That makes 1.

@ Mel: Feel that. Actually right now I really feel that.

@ Jazmin: Will do.

Mai@FlavorBoulevard said...

Don't show the bike, it's not edible! :-P Haven't you been eating in the past few days?


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