Yes, you canh.

Global Journey: Scene I

After a couple nights in Phan Thiết, I'm back in Cam Ranh. This place is golden- as you already know. I just might have found the very best Bánh Mì..ever. More on that soon, but for now lets get raw wit' it. My friends here know all the spots of course, so I'm just enjoying the ride. Next stop: Tiết Canh Vịt.


Right here we got a plate of raw duck's blood- chilled a touch for firmness. Chopped-up almost identifiable pieces of duck meat are thrown in, along with basil, rau răm, peanuts and crispy bánh tráng (grilled rice cracker). The blood is pleasantly mild- the herbs and onions provide most of the flavor. Grub for the soul! VND [37¢] per plate.

Stay Crude.

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