As High as it Gets

Global Journey: Scene VIII

Well, the Cub scooted it's way up to the Capitol. From there I chucked it in a bus up to city of Hà Giang, to give my ass a rest. After reaching Hà Giang it was back on the 49cc again, to explore the northeast wilderness. We'll finish up in Hà Nội next time.

Heirloom cucumbers for 26 cents a kilo. Pretty sure she overcharged me.

In the north many spots are cook to order like this casual sit-down restaurant. This place had the choice or chicken or pork. He fried me up one the worst meals in some time. Female cooks from now on.

Sweet Bánh Mì.

Lemongrass marinated spicy pork leg skewers. Wood fire is the key element. Northern meats are generally more salty than in Hồ Chí Minh. A welcomed change after all that southern sugar.

Nighttime steam buns.

Thuốc Lào. A type of Vietnamese tobacco smoked bamboo-bong style. Okay, not edible but comes from plant, yo. A rush, no doubt. Here's a local with high-elevation-lung-capacity showing how it's done. Aids in digestion to boot.

Stay Vaporous.


Mai said...

What is heirloom cucumber?

Reima said...

You should know better...Women are always the better cooks!

A. Rizzi said...

Heirloom, slang for au natural! More just making a reference to the irregular, funky shape. hehe.

@ Riema: I'll dominate you in the kitchen any day of the week!!

Reima said...

I'd like to see you try! Good'll need it!

Tiểu Nhiên said...

It is such a great trip, u tried alot of food

mina said...

That lady totally ripped you off. Everybody knows that, while in Ha Giang, you only pay $0.19.

P.S. I kinda loved your comment on our blog. Thanks for sticking up for us. :)

pj20 said...

I must be the best "digester" ever then!! nice vid RzA ahahah


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