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Global Journey: Scene IX

The last bowl.

Phở Hà Nội
Nothing more, nothing less. Just một bát Northern Style Phở Bò. They keep the broth strategically sugar-free up here, and that big mound of basil and culantro is noticeably absent. Focus on the bEEf. Probably the national dish of Việt Nam, yet during all my time here I've never been much of a follower- no matter where I sampled. No doubt it's damn slurpable with its rich and salty broth, sliced scallions and chewy rice noodles. The mix of tender brisket and rare beef slices is hard to hate on, and I'm well aware the hipsters from Stockholm to Silver Lake crave them some late night PHở. For me, I'm fully content with a bowl of multi-textural Mì Quảng. Case closed.

- - -

Best Meal: Bánh Mì Xíu Mại in Cam Ranh

Worst Meal: Gà Ta Chiên (fried free-range chicken) in Mèo Vạc

Best grub regions: Phan Thiết, Cam Ranh bay, Hội An

Worst grub regions: Hà Giang, Quảng Trị, most places north of the D.M.Z.!

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Mai said...

Good to know the Northern grubs aren't that great. My Southerner's pride is boosted. :-P


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