Bình there Dịnh That.

Global Journey: Scene III

Continuing my way up the central coast, where the beaches are tasty and the folks humble and hardworking. Up past Nha Trang, Phú Yen Province and into the beach city of Qui Nhơn.

Bun Cha Ca Qui Nhon
Bún Chả Cá {Qui Nhơn}
When you're near the beach you know fish'll be up in the mix- and when you can't sell that fish..make some fried fish paste {chả cá}! The fish flesh is scraped away from the bones, mashed up and mixed with salt, pepper, and fish sauce- then fried. Here we see sliced chả cá featured with thin rice noodles {bún} and veggies in a soup Qui Nhơn residents eat at all hours of the day. As per usual, dunk the mound of fresh veggies {bean sprouts, thai basil, banana flower} in your steaming broth for an extra digestive boost.

*Global Lingo Tip*
Make sure you take note of the local accents here in the central- as they get funky. đi về (return, go back) morphs into đi dìa and mười (ten) turns into something like mừ if you get country enough.

Stay tò mò.


Mai said...

Anh ăn bánh hỏi Bình Định chưa? Word of mouth is the folks there eat bánh hỏi trừ cơm.

A. Rizzi said...

damn! ở Bình Định một ngày thôi. Không có cơ hội ăn. Đang ở Quảng Nam rồi. Hic Hic. But it was funny to see cơm bình dân shops selling into the evening..never see that in Hồ Chí.

Mai said...

Google says bánh khô mè là đặc sản Quảng Nam. I haven't had though, have you?


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