One more nibble..

Wait, I'm back in central vietnam...whaaaat?

Sesame, sugar, smoke & pork.

My original plan was to be in another country at this time, but as you know it's the tropics. Plans changes. You adjust. So when your big bro calls and says he'll be flying in to Việt Nam in 3 weeks, you best get your ass back down to Sài Gòn. And when he informs you his buddy is putting you up in the Park Hyatt and flying you up to Hội An for shats 'n gigs, you count your lucky stars for sure.

This week I'm proud to introduce guest globaleats photographer: Professional cinematographer Michael Rizzi. If you don't know him yet, then I thought you thought you will soon. A maestro of film and an absolute whiz behind the lens. He's also my brother. Get in touch with him if you need a something filmed, he shoot anything not named WEDDING.

The other day we spotting a pint-sized sidewalk set-up while biking around the old town of Hội An.

Stay low. Don't fret about the dust. That's how they do. Dude's rocking the '81. RESPECT.

Lemongrass grilled pork, spicy nước mắm, raw greens and rice paper. I dare you to find something more 'namese than that.

3.000 VND per stick- even though she tried to charge me 5.000 per (26 cents)! Yeah, yeah..I know. But beware of tourist areas. Cắt cổ !

Stay Smoldering.


mina said...

Have you just become accustomed to all of the street food you eat or are you constantly sick?

I want to try everything you post about, but it usually looks kinda sketchy.

Trinh said...

Those grill pork look yummy. Are they grilled on the lemongrass stick?

And you sound like a local for using "Cắt cổ"

A. Rizzi said...

@mina: I eat just about everything, & rarely ever get even a stomachache. Back home I couldn't say the same. No sketchiness!

@Trinh: Yum factor was high. Just regular wooden sticks- tho lemongrass skewers sound grubbable as well.

Kim at Rustic Garden Bistro said...

Hey Anthony:

I just discovered your site today, and all I can say is - WOW! Beautiful pictures. Can't wait to go backwards and read the rest of your site. :-)

Happy week,


Chubby Chinese Girl said...

wow ! that smoke pork looks amazing!!!
love ur blog and ur travels!!!! and pictures

btw... the thing i ate was tuna collar... yeah, no waste meals are awesome!

Fresh Local and Best said...

Lucky you! I hear that Vietnam offers one of the best exotic food experiences in the world. It's incredible that you can get such delicious food for such an incredibly low price. You have a beautiful blog, artistry and creativity must run in the family.


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