CHINA PART 2 - Yak Butter Revelations

While the first go around was strictly metroplex based, I decided to chop it up rural style for my second China run. I started out in highlands of Western Sichuan, where vast nothingness is a welcomed respite from jammed subways. Naturally, as you rise in elevation the selection of cuisine changes [read: thins]. Only the strongest of the strong survive through those bitter winters. Enter Yak. Enter Butter. Enter Tea. Enter Churn.

It's what's for breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Tibetans in western China guzzle this stuff like Koreans do Soju. The only difference being that yak butter tea won't leave you face down in a gutter with a wet crotch.

I'd heard a lot about this type of tea so I was eager to sample. Kinda like Durian or Mắm Tôm- an acquired taste. Or not. Some people enjoy things on their very first bite ever! Tell you what; next time your up at 14,000 feet in Western China, give Y.B.T. sip and form your own opinion.

We're churning Yak butter with hot black tea {Technically we call the female Yak a dri}. Sure, there's tea involved but don't expect anything sweet, floral or aromatic. Not even close. Wild roaming Yak has a potent grass-fed fragrance which is passed along to the frothy tea via lactation. Salty aged goat is my best description.

Grandma's been churning for decades. Peep the picture perfect posture.

Stay Blended.


Anonymous said...

I'm just so curious ... is that her own hair she has around her head? nice pictures btw.


A. Rizzi said...

HA! I never noticed that before. I'm assuming not, although u never know over there. Just glad it didn't get in my tea!


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