Back in the 'ole U.S. of A- where testicular fortitude is measured by your meat consumption ability and cups of coffee are larger than human stomachs. We also make this stuff. & this.

Việt Nam it ain't.

So he's back on his home soil..what's global about it? Fear not yungins, for the raw globality index score isn't measured strictly by ones current distance from their respective hometown. Naw.

'Never lose that child-like curiosity' A good friend once told me.

I like to say I live a life fueled by curiosity. I like to know things. I wouldn't say I'm an authority in any particular category, but the curious mentality is addictive because it can never and will never be fulfilled. There's always something more out there. Frustrating and motivating at the same time.

The point being although I'm back in a land I initially think of as mundane or monotonous as compared with the thrills of Asia- there's always more to discover. I look forward to peeling off that protective layer of plastic to uncover the multitude of subcultures that exist within this here land of the free. We'll see what happens, yet for now it's good to be back in the bay area again, one of the tastiest and most food obsessed regions on the globe. Yeah, I done said it.

Stay Un-Domesticated.


mina said...

I'm looking forward to the new posts about non-Asian cuisine. I'd say welcome back but I'm not American.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks very tasty. It will be exciting to follow your updates from the states and see what it has to offer. I heard a boy and girl discuss the other day. The boy told the girl about how Us now have meat flavor ice cream and that there are candys with taste of fries. And the girl screams out
-GAAH! They are completely sick over there. That country has no food culture at all!
And I started thinking, where else in the world can you eat deep fried snickers? And what is actual american-american food?



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