The Kid's Alive

Just been on a global hiatus.

This don't mean I ain't partaking in some noteworthy grub session up in the [chilly!] city of San Francisco- even if I'm not taking my SLR with me as much as I should.

Ragazza Menu

Witness Ragazza, a new pizzeria up the street from my spot. Chef/Owner Sharon Ardiana also handles Gialina in Glen Park.


Amatriciana w/ tomato, pancetta, chilies, pecorino and an eggie {$16} and on the right we've got preserved lemon, truffled pecorino and arugula {$15}. Overall a couple of very good pies {I'd put it a tad beneath Pizzaiolo in Oakland}. If you're at the Saturday morning Alemany Farmer's market [ California's first farmer's market established August 12, 1943 ]- pick up some fresh produce for an honest price and seek out Copper Top Ovens. Tom there cooks up a mascarpone, fig and honey creation in his portable brick oven. Get on that.

And get on this:

The cheeseburger from 4505 meats.

Peep Preparation Game.

You ain't hungry? The only problem is actually getting your hands on one. They set up a stall in front of the ferry building on Thursday & Saturday mornings- and invariably sell out right quiCK.

Anyways this grass-fedder is off the hinges. One of those dishes that lives up to the hype. Like Chairman Bao's pork belly bun. A Tender+Crispy pork belly slab alongside pickled daikon. Worth the line.

Some other food trucks are capitalizing on the food truck craze and shelling out sup-par, over priced eats. I gots beef with Senor Sisig's pork tacos. I was excited for Sisig cause I haven't grubbed on the sizzling pork cheek & ear mash-up since 16 in the 'pines circa '09.

First off, Senor Sisig's rendition ain't even sisig. Not even close. It's chunks of pork shoulder with a dusting of generic spices.

'Ohh it's got chilis in it. Must be Asian!'

Please, child.

Second off the tortilla was undercharred- borderline raw style. Third off that Mexi-pino wrap will cost you 3 bucks. Not impressive. Neither was Seoul on Wheels with their bulgogi tacos. Same deal. Lettuce leaves up in there. Really? Over it. Southern Sandwich Co. was dece' bbq from a truck- although I can't say I expect much from SF Q. $2 bucks for a tiny scoop of 'slaw had me boiling over like a pot of Penang-style Laksa. Well, not quite but as my dining partner put it: 'If this food was served up in a non-hyped setting like a food court down in the Excelsior it wouldn't raise an eyebrow.' Wurdage spoken.

O.G. Mexican food has been underwhelming in San Francisco as well. Usual suspects like La Taqueria, El Farolito, El Tonayense {truck}, Taqueria La Cumbre, El Gallo Giro {truck} and La Palma Mexicatessen have all been in the 3.5/5 star range- nothing I'd run back for. I had a lot more luck on my first Annual International Blvd. taco truck crawl across the bay in Oak-Town.


Four of us shucked and jived our way through the hood and grubbed on some tender and fragrant south-of-the-border delights. Best of the bunch came from:


Tacos Guadalajara { 44th / International} - Crisp Carnitas and Al Pastor. Yes, please.


Tacos El Gordo { 42nd / International } - Suadero [brisket/rib cut] and spicy Al Pastor {There's a spit}.

Taqueria Sinaloa (22nd/International) is also worthy of a BART trip. I'll have to make it out east again very soon.

As for a dessert to finish of this update:

Sugar Egg Puffs

These {excellent & unexpected} popover-like sugar donuts were actually the star of the meal at Shanghai Dumpling King (34th/Balboa)- even though we went there for the Xiǎo Lóng Bāo. I'm spoiled I guess. China Happened.

I think I've done my share of shout out / call outs for the day. Next time we'll discuss home-cooked varietals. Posts may have disappeared for a bit but the eatin' just.don't.stop.

Stay near the Bay.


Mai said...

Glad to see you back. I thought Seoul on Wheels' bbq pork taco was good, but I haven't had much grub from the trucks to judge.

Anonymous said...

Nice that you are back kido.
Awesome pics.


Villagio said...



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