Southern Grillin'

sườn nướng

(Vietnamese-style grilled pork chops)

One of the trademark smells of Ho Chi Minh is undoubtedly the smoky scent of caramelized pork chops searing themselves atop lump charcoal. Possibly the South's answer to Bún chả as a lunch time favorite, it's one of my GO-TOs in Việt Nam. Around noontime you'll find tons of streetside eateries grilling up sườn heo by the truckload. Follow your nose and see where it takes you.

The grilled pork is usually served atop a bed of rice with green onions and veggies. Above, at one of my favorite sườn haunts they include crispy rendered pork fat 'crackers' to munch on with pickled veggies. Be sure to douse the entire get up with nước mắm.

This is the sườn done by one of my favorite rice ladies, known simply as 'the corner lady'. She pan-fries her ginger marinated pork chops on her wok until crispy and robust with flav. Simply outstanding.

Speaking of marination, it's an obligatory prerequisite for sườn. Usually the marinate includes a combination of the following; sugar, fish sauce, garlic, shallots, salt, pepper, msg and red dye number 2. Smell it anywhere in the city morning, noonish or (sometimes) nighttime. From VND 13.000 - 16.000.

StAy GLobAL~

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