Pushcart Creamery

Ice cream is an internationally sensation, no doubt. Women crave it. Kid's beg for it. Even the slender sneak in a few bites of Ben and Jerry's when the lights are out. Out in Southeast Asian, the wonders of dairy are still a novelty to most folks. Ask someone about their favorite cheese and they'll tell you how delicious laughing cow is. If you ask for milk you most likely get it condensed and from a can (not that a glass of Ca Phe Sua Da isn't delicious). G-E-L-A-T-O? eh? Most Vietnamese buy their ice cream (KEM) on a stick for a couple thousand VND. I found this guy in the backpacker district and just HAD to partake in the creamery festival he had going on.

Straight outta district 8. This guy's been peddling kem since you were in diapers. But it ain't just any old stick.

Hand made whipped topping of egg whites and sugar. Made on the premise.

You get a neapolitan blend of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The guru then tops these scoops off with his signature cream blend, crushed peanuts and a super sweet red syrup.

The man just knows how to put smiles on faces. 4.000 VND. Afternoons if you can find him.

Stay GloBal.

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