Roll On

Here's another Northern Vietnam dish (along with Bun Cha), and since my neighborhood is chock full of Miền Bắc folks you can find Bánh cuốn all over. A morning meal for the most part, this Bánh cuốn is usually sold out before 9 A.M.!!! Rise and SHINE.

Bánh cuốn (Bánh ướt's second cousin) is a dish of stuffed fresh rice noodle sheets. Think of it as Asian manicotti, except substitute ricotta cheese and spinach for wood ear mushrooms and ground pork. The rice noodles are steamed fresh in front of you, and the dish is topped off with bean sprouts, fried shallots and greenery. On the side comes a skewer of grilled pork, with chunks of charred fat my big brother just couldn't handle.

Pajama grillin', always more tasty. Fan those coals for flava.

A plate of Bánh cuốn only runs you 12.000 VND on Hoàng Hoa Thám street..EARLY morning. Beat the rush.


Anonymous said...

oh,tomorrow im geting up 7am to eat some!Bun Cha and cooold sha da its THE best on viet namis hot mornings!


Mike Corsini said... Bearrrrrrrrs


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