Taiwan's Resurgence

Back up on the island of Taiwan where I'm determined to grab a hold of some delectable munchables after a slightly disappointing visit last September. An obvious point that I failed to fully comprehend back in the days of 2oo9 is that it takes more than a few days to sample a sizable representation of an Asian country's cuisine. It takes years. Hundreds and hundreds of dishes + thousands and thousands of places to eat them = You win some you lose some. Taipei has endless eating spots...I can only do my best to shave that iceburg tip. So far so good, children. Here's a winner from a couple days ago, introduced to me by host Mike 'El Capitan' Corsini.

The making of 牛肉捲餅 [beef wrap]. Can you feel it?

The chewy 'n crispy scallion-laced dough is stuffed with thin slices of boiled beef shank, a hoisin-like sauce, cucumber and a green onion stalk or two. No doubt a filler-upper, this snack's single-handily responsible for over 17,000 muffin-tops in Taipei alone.

Stay Caloric.


Mel said...

Looks good. I'm sure you've seen "Eat Drink Man Woman"? That movie made me want to go to Taipei simply to eat.

Karen said...

O that wrap is one of my favorites treats!! Sooooo delicious!

mina said...

Speaking of muffin tops, a month in NYC has turned me into a blimp.

This picture isn't particularly helping my dieting endeavors.

P.S. love the nee header


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