Global Lap 2014 (Intro)

74 days, 18 train rides, 17 flights and 3 continents equaling 1 westward lap around this world. From SFO back to SFO- the scenic route.

My journey started with stints in Taiwan and Hong Kong. I've been to these spots before but  still have some friends there begging for my company so I decided to do a little Oriental island hop before the main event. Those first 8 days are still a haze. Anyone who's sipped spirits in Hong Kong knows what I'm talking about. I was feeling the physical after-effects for quite some time but it was without a doubt a power-packed start to my trek.

I've let my gripes be known when it comes to Taiwanese food, but there are a handful of dishes I'd happily devoir over and over again when given the chance. 凉面 [Liang Mian = 'cold noodles'] is one of those. Chilled wheat noodles with a garlicky, spicy, sweetish sesame sauce. Occasionally you'll see a bit of shredded omelet and/or carrots on a plate of Liang Mian but this Zhongshan district vendor kept it clean. A perfect plateful for a balmy Asian afternoon. The lady enthusiastically gave me the recipe, a cookie and refused to let me pay for the noodles. If only it worked like that in Europe.

I'm not alone when I say that 燒鴨 [Roast Duck] in Hong Kong (like Pizza in Naples or a Juicy Lucy in the Twin Cities) just feels like something you should be eating. Oh, I ate. The salty ginger scallion sauce improves anything it touches. As does rendered duck fat.

Join me as I encircle the globe- eating everything within arm's reach in pursuit of that perfect bite. It's out there.

Stay Global.

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